Do You Bring Your Laptop With You On Your Vacation? [Video]

June 27, 2011 in Mac, Main Blog, PC, Uncategorized

In the tech world today, we have a lot of very portable, and ultra-portable computers – including the MacBook Air and PC netbooks. However, does that mean we should take it everywhere we go? Yes, it may be portable and make you happy because you have to carry it to school, or office, everyday. But, when it comes to vacation, it’s a whole new story. Even if it’s a short term, is it actually necessary to bring our laptops? Do you really want to carry that laptop with you? Well you might ask: “What’s the problem? It’s very light.” Well when it comes to vacation, any laptop can be a pain, and yes, even the light-weight netbooks can be “heavy”. You wouldn’t want to carry it from home, to airport, onboard, to your hotel and so on. It’s just like having another suitcase with you. You’ve spent so much time packing your things, and one last thing you think of is your computer. You wouldn’t carry your laptop in hand, so you need a separate storage capacity for that. Even if it’s just an iPad, you will be needing a bag with you where ever you go.

The 3 main reasons why you would want to bring your laptop with you is 1. internet connection, 2. games, 3. business reasons. Although when it comes to business, you will need your laptop with you, how about the other two? Internet connection – do we really need to bring our entire laptop just to connect with friends on Facebook and check out Twitter? Is it really necessary to bring your entire laptop to play games when you are traveling on vacation to relax? Well, you might then ask: “Then what can I bring?” If you can have a device that is capable of doing the same thing, and it’s much lighter, why not bring that? My answer would be – a smartphone. A smartphone is capable of connecting to the internet, friends, Twitter. And my iPhone actually has more games than I do on my laptop. So why not bring the iPhone? And, in all my past experiences, internet connection in hotels have been a painful experience. Sometimes it never really works. So do you really want to experience these things, when you have spend your extra energy to bring your laptop?

Watch my video below to find out more about what I think on this topic:

About the Author: Kenta Arai is a tech enthusiast who was born in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. His passion towards technology began to develop as he grew up in Hong Kong, where technology had its solid place in the mass market. Arai became one of the most enthusiastic technophile student in his high-school, and was also well-known for consulting many of his school-mates when purchasing new computers. His expertise in the tech industry is focused on Apple Inc. and Google Inc.

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