Unboxing & Review: Macally DUALSTAND2 Case for the iPad 2 [Video]

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The DUALSTAND2 case for the iPad 2, by Macally, is available to be purchased through Macally’s website, and in retail stores for $29.99 in the U.S, and $280 in Hong Kong. For your money, you will only be getting the case itself, without a screen protector or other accessories.

First look:

The DUALSTAND2 is a one piece case and it comes in the vivid combination of black and yellow. And as the name suggests, it has a built-in stand, two of them. My first impressions of this case was that its build quality is excellent. Although it may feel flimsy right out of the box, once you have your iPad in there, you definitely feel safe and secure. The case does not add too much bulk, although you may feel a slight increase in weight.


The material of the case is very tough and durable and it protects the iPad very well – covering all the edges. The cut-outs for the ports are all perfect, and are easily accessible.


The case has a built-in stand, and my first impressions (as you may have seen in my video above), the smaller stand (for typing) is pretty easy to take out, however the larger stand (for viewing video) is extremely hard to take out. It literally took me over 5 minutes to take it out (and I have edited this bit out of my video). I have contacted the retailer, and I was told that many customers who bought this case had complained about the same issue. However he also mentions that since it plastic, and its a brand new case, this issue does happen, and will start to lessen as time passes by. After a week or so, I did find it slightly easier, however this was due to my own nails. I was able to take out the stand with my nails, however with shorter nails, it is pretty much impossible. Once you do take out the stand, the stand may feel quite fragile, however in terms of acting as a stand, it is perfectly fine. The smaller stand is perfect for typing (although it does not rotate the orientation of the iPad automatically), and the larger stand is perfect for viewing video whilst on a desk. One problem I found with the viewing angle, with the larger stand, is that it is not suitable for FaceTime calls. Due to its less-steeper angle compared to the angle that Apple’s Smart Cover props, you will only be able to see your ceiling in your view finder, instead of your own face. Meaning that your opponent will not be able to see you if you have this case propped up on your desk.

Other things to note:

Although this case does not come with a screen protector, if you already have one installed, you may notice that the case will ruin your screen protector, as its edges are very tough, maybe too tough, that it is actually strong enough to lift your screen protector off the screen – perhaps that is why they did not include one in the box.

This case is a simple one-piece case, meaning it does not include a folio, nor does it have any functionality that takes advantage of the iPad 2’s magnets (that enables the switching on-off of the iPad).

Overall, this case is a great case for protection, with its bright and vivid contrasting colors. However, when it comes to the stand, it is definitely not for people without any nails, and if you intend to use this stand for FaceTime calls, you’re out of luck unless you physically hold your iPad whilst on call. The price point is also disappointing – at $29.99 (or $280 HK), we would expect at least a screen protector to be included. Otherwise, we think this is slightly over-priced.


- Excellent protection with all edges covered.

- Vivid color combination.

- Keyboard stand works well.

- All cut-outs are perfect.


- Longer stand takes some effort to take out.

- Glossy back may be scratched.

- May lift up your screen protector (if already installed).

- A little too expensive for what it offers.

plomonet rating: 6/10

About the Author: Kenta Arai is a tech enthusiast who was born in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. His passion towards technology began to develop as he grew up in Hong Kong, where technology had its solid place in the mass market. Arai became one of the most enthusiastic technophile student in his high-school, and was also well-known for consulting many of his school-mates when purchasing new computers. His expertise in the tech industry is focused on Apple Inc. and Google Inc.

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