PCSpecialist Review (PART II)

January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you haven’t read part I, go read it here!

The other day I posted about my order for a new laptop with PCSpecialist. Just today my order has gotten into the second stage – Pre-production. Yesterday, it was under “processing”, which according to PCS can last from any time between 1 day and 6 days. Luckily for me it was only so for just one day, and is now in te pre-production stage, <1 week.

What I like about PCS is that it’s very clear what stage it is in. The times that they estimate that the stages will be in are very reasonable too – except maybe for the processing stage. Technically you could get your computer in just a week, but judging from what the website says, it may not be so common.

Also, PCS constantly has an updated table indicating the percentage of computers that were dispatched within 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, or 28 days. They also have a column indicating the average time taken for orders to dispatch, which is 9.86 days at the moment for laptops. So I’m hoping they won’t have problems finding enough components for what I’ve ordered, and hope that there aren’t any problems during the quality check stage.

Another thing that I’ve done was making a slight change after my order. I decided to switch to a blue ray player instead because of the growing blue ray market, and they seem to have processed it very quickly, without really affecting the time taken for things.

On a completely different note, today I realised another great service that PCS offers to their clients. Like many electronic stores, you can buy computers on finance. This basically allows you to split the payment for up to 24 months, and they don’t charge interest as long as you pay up everything within 12 months. This would probably be great for many users who may be on a tight budget, as they may have a chance to purchase a slightly better computer. They do, however require a one time £29 fee.

However buying this in finance will require you to submit a form to see whether or not you qualify for finance, and it will also definitely take longer for your computer to arrive as there will be time taken for them to accept your application. You have to be over 18, be employed, be a UK resident for at least another 3 years and intend to remain as one, proof of address and signature. So if this is the case, it’s definitely worth checking it out. It’s definitely a lot better than some of the finance options offered in many electronics stores.


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