Logitech K300 keyboard review

January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Logitech K300 is a very compact keyboard offered by Logitech. It was on a sale on Amazon (£5 as to £29.99) so I decided to order it since my new laptop is on the way, and the keyboard reviews weren’t too good. I’m also used to using an external keyboard with laptops anyway so it was nice to get one here at university as well.

The keyboard features many function keys which can be pressed by combining the F keys and the function button. You can go to your home page, open your email client, search something on your browser, open the calculator application, open your default music player, features 3 keys to control your music player, mute button, volume up and down buttons and a power button. These light up and their functions can be customised, and therefore it can get quite useful. Also the keyboard is compact, and is just 40cm or 15 inches wide.

The compactness of the kyeboard is obtained by removing the keys usually existing between the alphabet keys and the number pad. The arrow keys are crammed in below the right shift key, by making the space bar a lot shorter than common keyboards. However it features a full numeric pad, which is quite useful for me as I often input a lot of data into excel for my studies and it’s definitely much easier to use number pads for these reasons. The fact that the page up and down keys are very small at the top right corner means I hardly ever use them, but that doesn’t really matter as I have a mouse as well when I’m using the computer at home.

The keys have perfect sensitivity for normal use, although I haven’t tried gaming with this yet. The only major problem that I’ve had with this is the fact that the bottom row of keys are slightly lifted up over the row of the zxcvbnm,./ keys. I’m not really sure why they’ve done this as I have never seen this done on keyboards before and it has taken me a while to get used to having my thumb lifted slightly above the others. Nonetheless for £5 ($7.5) it’s a well performing keyboard.

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