PCSpecialist Review (Part IV)

January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

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Yesterday, my laptop was finally built and tested. To my surprise, the building, testing, and quality control processes were all done in one day. I got an email at around 2:30 pm saying that it was done and is awaiting dispatch. I was happy to hear that as I thought I would be getting it today, as it said on the website that if it reaches this status before 3pm the laptop usually gets dispatched on the same day. But even when I went to sleep last night the status was still “awaiting dispatch”.

I didn’t mind too much especially because I was expecting the building, testing and quality control process to take up to 3 days in total. Technically according to the flow chart on the website it could take up to 9 days. However since they mentioned how the computers can be dispatched on the same day, I expected it to be dispatched today, for me to get tomorrow. However this seems to be unlikely, as it’s 10pm now and the status still hasn’t changed.

I’m very disappointed with this as all the steps went along within the timescales that were mentioned on the website, while it’s been over 30 hours since my order reached the “awaiting dispatch” status when it says this takes less than 24 hours on the website.

Nonetheless I am definitely expecting it to dispatch by tomorrow at around noon as there really isn’t any way for them to take this long to pack. And since the average time the computers are taking to dispatch is 9.28 days working days (tomorrow is the 9th working day) so I shouldn’t be complaining.

Basically the feeling that I have is that the average time the computers take to dispatch are pretty accurate, but how the statuses proceed can get you unnecessarily excited, so it’s better to keep in mind that your computer is probably going to take just as long as the majority of computers.

Overall I’m pleased with the service that they offer, you can’t really complain for the time it takes when they provide these high end computers and laptops for such a low price – it’s normal for them to not have enough staff to make things work quick.

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