Steinheil Ultra Crystal LCD Protection Film Review

February 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Plomonet rating: 9/10

Scratches are the worst, no doubt about that. That is why the powers that be created screen protectors. Yet finding the best one can be almost impossible. I have been rocking a Zagg Shield for my iPod Touch since day one and I thought that the rainbow effect and orange peel texture were two things I just had to put up with. Until one day, I decided enough was enough. Enter the Steinheil Ultra Crystal; this hard plastic styled screen protector is one of the best. Normally applying a screen protector is an all day event which includes a trip to a clean room and could possibly end in a trip to a padded white room. However the Ultra Crystal went on the first try and with ease due to its rigid shape; just align the camera hole, align the home button hole, drop and squeegee away. The great guys at Steinheil also include dust removal stickers and cleaning cloth which definitely come in handy. Now I know you all have that initial thought:  “Cool you got it on and it looks beautiful at first, but how does it hold up?”. Well let me tell you my delightfully inquisitive reader. The Ultra Crystal is practically invisible on the device, and I kid you not the screen is defiantly better than without one.  My finger glides with ease whether scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, a game, or just flicking through the home screen. Compared to the Zagg and a few others I have tried there is no lag in responsiveness which is wonderful. However, every victor has their Achilles’ heel and Steinheil’s is their fingerprint problem. The fingerprint problem is not a deal breaker, it is just slightly annoying. In sunlight you will see them but in darkness they are unnoticeable and they do wipe away easily therefore they are only a minor drawback. Overall the Steinheil Ultra Crystal LCD Protector is the best out there in my opinion and hopefully will be the last I have to put on.

So, it has been three weeks with my new screen protector and I must say I absolutely love it. The quality of the Steinheil Ultra Crystal LCD Protector is absolutely astounding. Not only has the screen protector remained scratch free but also the edges of the home button and camera hole are still crisp as the day I put it on. One of the reasons I took off my last screen protector was that the bottom of the home button began to peel up collecting dust and ruining the aesthetic of the device. With this screen protector I have not even see the slightest indication that this might occur. Initially I had worried that the edges of the screen protector itself would begin to peel, due to the fact that my case has particularly small sides and usually screen protectors are smaller than the device. This is not the case here, and along with the rigidity of the protector I have confidence that it will remain in great condition for quite some time. With my new screen protector I have noticed that I can use the device with lower brightness then I could before and still see the screen with exceptional clarity, thus saving my battery life. Since putting on the Steinheil Ultra Crystal I also find myself turning on the device just to flick the home screen back and forth or play with notification center, just so I can enjoy how easily my finger glides across the screen. I have also noticed that unlike a matte finished screen protector, the Ultra Crystal is absolutely silent, which means I can stay up late playing Angry Birds and what have you without being heard. Earlier I mentioned the fingerprint problem, and I would like to inform you that it still occurs. I notice that on particularly warm days the oils from my fingers make terrible rainbow fingerprints across my device, which are impossible not to notice on a white background. Again this is easily solved with the wipe of the include cleaning cloth and not that big of a deal, but if you absolutely cannot stand fingerprints I suggest the Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector, from the same family, which is not as crystal clear but does stand strong against fingerprints. One last thing that I must reiterate is the significant increase in responsiveness from using this screen protector as opposed to my Zagg Shield. Scrolling through Twitter and Facebook apps is graceful and I saw a great reduction of jumpiness and lagging. I also was able to improve my score in Temple Run which may or may not be important to you. So in conclusion I must say that the Steinheil Ultra Crystal LCD Protector is by far a cut above the rest and still holds up to three weeks wear and tear like a champ. I do intened to purchase a screen protector from Steinheil again for any future devices and hope you will do the same. Rating still 9/10

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This article is a guest article submitted by Chance Daniel

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