What You Need To Know About “The new iPad”

March 20, 2012 in iPad, Slideshow, Uncategorized

As you may have heard by now, Apple has announced the 3rd generation iPad, in which they are calling “The new iPad.” The new iPad consists of quite a few new major features, and we would like to bro through each one of them and giving you our thoughts. The naming leaves wonders regarding why Apple chose this path, but Phil Schiller has confirmed that they did not name the new iPad, the iPad 3 or the iPad HD or any other names simply because they did not want people guessing names and setting the expectation bars, like they did with the iPhone 4S and the rumors of the iPhone 5.

1. Retina Display – the Retina Display was first introduced in 2010 with the iPhone 4, and carried over to the iPhone 4S. This is a display technology that uses an extremely high resolution LCD display, in addition of the IPS technology, allowing more vivid colors with wider viewing angles. It was called the Retina Display because it had a pixel density of 326 per inch, in which Apple claims that it exceeds the limit that a human retina can differentiate between each pixel. The same Retina Display is now brought over to the iPad. Although with a less pixel density per inch, it is still named the Retina Display because it has more pixels than an HD television.

2. 5MPX iSight Camera – Apple has upgraded the terrible camera from the iPad 2, with a 5 MPX camera (same as the iPhone 4). This camera is also capable of shooting 1080p HD video, which is an upgrade from the previous 720p on the iPad 2. The camera also features nice touches such as video stabilization. It is interesting that Apple is bringing back the “iSight” naming, after moving away from it with the introduction of their updated Mac lineups. However, this is simply just about the name and it is not a big deal.

3. A5X Processor – This is an upgrade from the previous A5 processor. The A5X has the same dual-core CPU, but now has quad-core graphics, to drive the display that has 4 times the number of pixels. The CPU performance is not much different to the iPad 2, but apps like games will really leverage the performance and prove a difference in speed.

4. 4G LTE – Finally, 4G LTE is coming to the iPad. This is the next generation wireless technology that has already started to roll out in the U.S. as well as other countries. Because there aren’t a lot of countries and carriers that already has 4G technology, the usefulness to these people might not be big, however for the U.S. customers, it may be a big thing. The internet speeds are 2-5 times faster than 3G. Another nifty feature is Personal Hotspot. This is the ability to share your internet connection to 5 other WiFi enabled devices. This feature was introduced with the Verizon iPhone 4 back in 2011 through a software update, and now this is an exclusive feature to the new iPad. This really ticks us off because they should be able to provide an update to the current iPad 2 owners with the same hotspot feature. But of course, Apple really wants people to purchase their new devices.

5. Dictation – Dictation has arrived, but Siri hasn’t. Dictation is as it says, dictates your voice and converts it into text. Rumors expected Siri to be ported over to the new iPad, however did not happen. The reason being, well we don’t know, and it’s Apple. Maybe they thought it wasn’t a nice feature on a larger screen?

6. Other updates – other updates were announced such as their updated iWork suite which now supports 3D charts. GarageBand with a new jamming session that allows up to 4 users to record simultaneously. iMovie now with movie trailers. And, the introduction of iPhoto, which completes the iLife suite for iOS.

We will be posting up more articles in the future regarding an in-depth review of the device and the software updates.

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