iPads replacing iMacs in Kids Corner

April 28, 2012 in iPad, Mac

Recently, Apple has started to replace their iMacs with iPads in the Kids Corner of all their Apple Stores. This was first noticed by iMore. Over the decade, Apple has been placing their iMacs for kids to play around with, and over time they have replaced their iMacs with newer models. However, this is the first time Apple has completely replaced them with another product.

I was at the Apple Store in Bondi Junction just a few weeks ago, and I actually noticed this change before it even hit the web. The interesting thing is that these iPads are preinstalled with a lot of apps for kids. Such as games and learning tools. Even more interesting is that these iPads do not have Safari preinstalled on them, whilst they do have things like Mail, Newsstand and other apps that are pretty useless for kids. Overall, this clearly shows the direction that Apple is moving towards, and how they are trying to replace computers with iPads for the next generation of users.

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