Apple Launches Back-to-School Promotion

June 16, 2011 in Mac, Main Blog, Uncategorized

Apple has just announced, and launched their annual Back-to-School promotion. This year, the offer includes a free $100 Mac App Store gift card. For you to qualify for the $100 Back-to-School promotion, you must be a college student or a teacher, and you must make an eligible purchase of a Mac, through the Online Apple Education Store. This can be done anytime between June 16 and September 20, 2011.

Apparently, if you buy a Mac directly from an Apple Store, you will get this credit immediately as a redeemable gift card, otherwise it will be included in the shipment you made from the Apple Online Store. These redeemable gift cards cards are said to work on both the Mac and iOS platform, as well as the iTunes Store and iBookstore.

About the Author: Kenta Arai is a tech enthusiast who was born in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. His passion towards technology began to develop as he grew up in Hong Kong, where technology had its solid place in the mass market. Arai became one of the most enthusiastic technophile student in his high-school, and was also well-known for consulting many of his school-mates when purchasing new computers. His expertise in the tech industry is focused on Apple Inc. and Google Inc.