Cool New Features in the iOS 5 Camera App

June 17, 2011 in iPhone, Main Blog, Uncategorized

Since the first beta of iOS 5 was released, developers have been discovering a lot of new under-the-hood features all over the entire OS. In this article, we are going to tell you about some features found in the Camera app.

During the keynote in WWDC, Scott Forstall went up on stage to talk about 10 new features, one being the camera. New features such as how you can now use the volume + button as a shutter, ability to include grid lines, pinch-to-zoom and how you can also edit your photos in the Photos app, with simple iPhoto-like editing tools.

Other features that were not discussed, and left people questioning, was whether or not the shutter button will also work whilst recording video. The answer is, yes, it will work.

Developers have also found out that multitouch gestures, other than pinch-to-zoom, is integrated in the Camera app. Now you can just swipe from right to left, from the Camera app, to reveal your camera roll. This allows easy access to your camera roll without having to tap the camera roll icon. If you continue to swipe, you will end up swiping your entire camera roll, photo by photo.

About the Author: Kenta Arai is a tech enthusiast who was born in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. His passion towards technology began to develop as he grew up in Hong Kong, where technology had its solid place in the mass market. Arai became one of the most enthusiastic technophile student in his high-school, and was also well-known for consulting many of his school-mates when purchasing new computers. His expertise in the tech industry is focused on Apple Inc. and Google Inc.