Microsoft to automatically update Internet Explorer for users

March 15, 2012 in PC

Internet Explorer users have had a undeniable reputation for not upgrading to the latest version of the browser. Many campaigns hosted by various web designers and even Microsoft themselves had to urge users to stop using Internet Explorer 6 due to major security risks and lack of support of the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. Part of the reason most of the users previously insisted to stay on Internet Explorer 6 was because Microsoft never forced users to upgrade, it was always optional. However, starting from 2012, Microsoft will help users upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer possible automatically.

This move reflects the moves taken by competing browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Mozilla, like Microsoft, prior to version 4, never automatically updated user’s browser, however, it caused a lot of fragmentation. Google Chrome has been updating user’s browsers to the newest version whenever the chrome is restarted from the very beginning.

Microsoft is expected to release the latest version of Internet Explorer 10 with Windows 8, but Internet Explorer 9 is still available for download. Google Chrome is currently on Version 17, and Mozilla Firefox is on version 11.

The automatic updating in future will cause the competitiveness of browsers to increase, making better browsers for the users by adopting the newest web technologies.