Mac OS X Lion Will Be Out Tomorrow, July 20th – CONFIRMED

July 20, 2011 in Mac, Main Blog, Uncategorized

After a long, long wait, Lion is finally here. During Apple’s Q3 Fiscal Year 2011 Quarterly Earnings Call, it has been officially confirmed that the next generation desktop operating system, Mac OS X Lion, is to be released tomorrow on July 20th. We have no details as of the exact time it will be out, however the fact that it has been confirmed is already great news. In the recent days, we have been smelling a very close release of 20th, as many retail stores around the world have been posting up Lion posters, and posters including the purchase of Lion with Apple’s gift card.

OS X Lion will be available for download only via the Mac App Store for $29.99, as well as Lion Server which is avaiable for $49.99.

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