iOS App Review: Splashtop Remote Desktop

September 2, 2011 in Business, iPad, Main Blog, Slideshow

Name: Splashtop Remote Desktop
Category: Business
By: Splashtop Inc
Price: $4.99
Compatible devices: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later
Plomonet rating 9/10

Splashtop Remote Desktop is an application that allows you to have control over your computer wirelessly. Obviously, in order to do this, you will have to install a driver, called “Splashtop streamer” onto the computer that you want to control. The streamer is free for download from the website, while the application itself costs $4.99. The application does great for its price, and the following are some great things you can do:

Firstly, you can connect to your computer using your iPad in two ways. The first is to simply connect via a local connection, i.e. you have to connect to the same wireless connection and the iPad device will automatically find your computer. The other way is to sign into your Google account on both devices (iPad and computer) and you can sign into the  application.

The biggest benefits of this app that I see is that with this you will be able to listen to your entire music library as well as videos and movies stored on your computer as long as you have an internet connection. This is not something that is important to me personally as I don’t really store much music or video on my computers, however I think that this is an issue for some.

Another benefit, which applies to me is that even if you forget to print out a copy of an important document at home, you can simply access to it from your school or office and send yourself a copy for you to print. And especially for me, I often forget to copy a file from my home computer for use at school, so this will be a lifesaver for me.

The other main great things about this app are mentioned in the video that is embedded below. It can act as a wireless mouse or keyboard, since you are technically able to control it over WiFi. It’s great to use as something like a handwriting detector, since you are touching. It is probably much easier to control things on things like photoshop compared to using a mouse.

Basically, on top of the fact that you have control over your computer from your iPad, you get all the benefits that you would get if your computer operates with a touchscreen. It can even act as a way for you to not use your trackpad, and simply control the screen using touch while you do all the typing on a physical keyboard. The possibilities with this app are endless, and therefore I would really recommend you to try it out.

The following is the video:

About the Author: Shoki Hoshino - Windows, android and iOS user. Does not see the benefits of using Mac OS X, however prefers iOS tablets over android ones. Equally considers iPhones and Androids however currently owns anAndroid phone due to the late release of the iPhone 5. Prospective engineer and web entrepreneur, currently a student.